A Long Overdue Update

Hello my lovely friends and supporters of Stronger Skatepark. I want to start this update by apologizing for my long absence. It is difficult to sit down and write updates when I don’t have much to share. I’m still here looking for spaces. I’ve looked at several, one was far too small, one the landlord didn’t want our use, and the other is still a possibility though the rent is very high and we need to get creative if we are to use that space. 

In the time that it’s has taken to work on this vision I’ve done a lot of soul searching, and right now I’m very certain that this is still my life's work. I want a skatepark as much as you, probably more. A place to consistently participate in the activity that brings me unending joy is nothing short of a dream come true. 

The more I learn about business, real estate, and government regulations the more I see how naive I was to measure this process in months rather than years. It has now been a year since I have started the building search in earnest. I’ve learned all the locations that we will not be allowed to be in, including all warehouse space in Portland, which is where I had hoped to open in my original business plan. 

It has been strenuous for me to attend public events due to the fact that I have no news to share other than, “I’m still looking.” It hurts every time I have to face a hopeful supportive person and say “I still don’t know when we will be open.” But I get to follow that up with “I’m not giving up!” 

I hope you will continue to support me, your comments and encouragement are what keeps me going though the long days and anxious nights. Your support sustains me as I continue forward after each unsuccessful turn. 

I lay awake at night dreaming of the ways I can make an amazing place for the community, from the programs and classes, to the ramp design, to the clean bathrooms. No detail has been spared from the working of my detailed imagination. I can not wait until I can make it all real and see the satisfied faces of veteran and first time riders alike as they enjoy what we’ve worked so hard for. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of my efforts, expect to see me on social media more often sharing skateboarding related content. Please email or PM me with anything you’d like shared on our account, that kickflip you landed for the first time, or an upcoming contest, anything skateboarding, bmx, and yes, scooting related is welcomed. 

Stay Strong, 

Allison Waters