What's Next For Stronger Skatepark?

Stronger Skatepark has come a long way since forming an LLC and searching for funding back in March. I've secured half of my funding goal, ran an unsuccessful Kickstarter, several successful events, and started building a community. We will not be able to stay on our original and most hopeful timeline due to the outcome of the Kickstarter, but we have learned though the process that this is something Portland needs and wants. Countless individuals have expressed their support, and both myself and my husband are more committed to this than ever. I have a ramp designer and a graphic designer who are both excited about the project and want to keep moving forward with me. We are moving forward. 

I revisited the business plan and timeline and am now working on a revised timeline that has us opening by the end of the year. I have to respect the plans and schedules of everyone involved which means we can not build our ramps until November. We are currently looking at prospective locations, with the goal of signing a lease in October, with the shop build out beginning immediately and the park buildout happening in November. As soon as the park is safe to skate we will start holding soft-opening events. If you want to be sure you get to skate during the soft-opening make sure you select that as your perk on our Indiegogo campaign

Here is our updated Timeline:

In the meantime I'm not slacking off. We just ran an awesome skate contest in partnership with Portland Parks and Recreation. All the participants had a great time and pushed themselves to try new tricks! These kinds of community building events are a huge reason why I was inspired to start Stronger Skatepark in the first place. I'm currently looking at the feasibility of another contest in the near future. In my limited spare time I'm taking on-line business classes to help me become more proficient in the areas in which I have the least experience. 

My first time running a skate contest, it was a great time for everyone! 

My first time running a skate contest, it was a great time for everyone! 

I'm also reworking the business plan and seeking more funding for the park. I'm currently reaching out to select companies that I believe embody similar values to Stronger Skatepark. I'm hoping to find a handful of founding partners to help get the park off on the right foot through monetary or in-kind  support. 

I'm also working on clarifying our guiding values. Having clear values helps us make decisions about how to use business resources most effectively, as well as showing the community what we care about. 

Stronger Skatepark Values:

  • People First - People are more valuable than all else and all people are deserving of respect. 
  • Radical Inclusion - Including creating safe spaces within the skate community for otherwise underserved groups. 
  • Community Building - Through events and programing and providing a safe space to practice skateboarding and other action sports. 
  • Self-Ownership - Each person belongs to themselves, an individual has full sovereignty over their own body and decisions.
  • Authenticity - Individuals should always be supported in being true to themselves. Stronger Skatepark seeks to stay true to its values while supporting individuals as their true selves.
  • Self-Expression - Each individual should be free to express themselves in any ways that don't bring harm to another individual or another individual's property.
  • Excellence - We are striving to do all at the highest quality possible given the resources at hand. 

As we move forward in developing Stronger Skatepark I will be using these values to guide what we choose to do and to not do. Our ultimate goal will always be to build individuals and the community though skateboarding and other action sports. Our values will drive us toward achieving our mission here in Portland. If you believe in these values or think we just need another dry space to skate in be sure to support our Indiegogo today. The more support we gain now the stronger we will be from the start!

-Allison Waters