The Story of Stronger Skatepark 


Stronger Skatepark is the vision of Allison Waters, a skateboarder of nearly 20 years. She's worked in skateboarding for several years and is passionate about building the skate community here in Portland, Oregon. Allison has spent the last year preparing for the opening of Stronger Skatepark and has had a dream of opening a skatepark since her teen years. 

Allison recognized the need and opportunity for a skatepark here in Portland after traveling with other members of Skate Like a Girl PDX to Seattle for the annual Wheels of Fortune contest hosted by Skate Like a Girl Seattle. She visited All Together Skatepark and recognized the good they were doing for the local skate community and the wider woman's skate community that traveled from all over the world to attend the event. 

Portland, like Seattle, boasts a large skateboarding community. Yet, we have no facility quite like All Together Skatepark, certainly no facility within the city limits that could host an event the size of Wheels of Fortune. Allison saw the need in Portland for a place to have events that build the local skate community and a place where skaters can safely ride year round. 

Stronger Skatepark is going to be that facility. The park will be a mix wooden ramps and other elements, designed in a way to be fun for skaters of all abilities. It will be a mixture of popular street inspired and transitioned elements. The park will be updated regularly to keep the riding experience fun and fresh. We are currently looking for spaces throughout the Portland metro area, and hope to have an estimated opening date in the coming months. 

The name, Stronger Skatepark, is inspired by the song "We are Stronger" by Gungor. A song that isn't shy about proclaiming the value of every life, and the strength that is gained when people come together in community. Stronger Skatepark is about more than just one person, or even just one group of people. Stronger Skatepark will be a place where people of all backgrounds can come together and skate, strengthening the local skate community. It will be a place where skateboarding can be what it should be, a way to have fun, make friends and build people up. 

Together, We are Stronger.